Data Mapper

The multi-tool of data conversion management.

Data Mapper effeciently reduces cost, risk and conversion complexity all in one cloud-based system.




Data Mapper is a cloud-based conversion management tool that supports multiple roles throughout
the data conversion process. Data Mapper facilitates collaboration and clarity for business analysts,
conversion developers, quality assurance testers and management alike.

Many companies struggle with data conversions, often using any tool at their convenience, resulting
in inefficiency and longer timelines. When preparing for digital transformations, understanding and
using the right tool for data conversions is crucial. Data Mapper is that tool.

Built upon decades of data conversion experience, Data Mapper is unique to the industry as a truly
all-in-one tool, with proven methodology and unparalleled efficiency. Data Mapper does this by
reducing the amount of time required for code development by more than 50 percent.

Conversions may be part of any digital transformation, but most of them don’t utilize one tool
for transforming, testing, managing and reporting. Instead, multiple tools are used -- Excel
for mapping, an ETL tool for coding, an SQL tool for testing and manual processes for reporting.
Data Mapper reduces the cost, risk and complexity of doing a data conversion by consolidating these
functions all in one tool.

Our clients have seen at least a 35 percent increase in productivity at a small fraction of
their conversion investments. Data Mapper is the logical choice foryour next data conversion project.


Every Data Mapper feature has a role to play in the data conversion process.
From data analyst, to QA tester, Data Mapper does it all.


Data Analyst

Every conversion begins with mapping data from the source system to the target system. We take a data-driven approach to this process. The metadata is stored in a relational database that includes the necessary information required for each field being mapped.


ETL Developer

Data Mapper leverages metadata to streamline the coding process. Using Transact-SQL commands, the developer simply reads the transformation logic provided for each field and converts that into SQL statements. These statements are easy to develop and do not require specialized tool-specific syntax.


QA Tester

The QA tester also reads the specifications from the data analyst, to create code independent of the ETL developer, ending in comparative results. The system compares the results of these two efforts for records being converted and reports any differences found.


Data Mapper

Data Mapper automatically generates easy-to-read specifications, forming the basis for a mutually agreed upon target. Having complete documentation of the specifications, coding and testing results satisfies the demands of even the most stringent internal or external conversion audit. Data Mapper is transparent and accessible.


I had the opportunity to lead a Data Conversion Project using the Data Mapper Conversion tool. The conversion was from 2 instances of GENIUS Insurance Software to a single instance of ClaimCenter 8.0. Intermediate tables were also created to manage complex multi-key transformations for financial transactions and coverages.

Timothy A Gannon
Senior Associate | Big 4 Accounting Firm

I worked on a major claims system implementation project for a P&C insurer doing data modeling and data mapping for integrations and during that time I had the pleasure of working with an early version of The Data Mapper tool. It made all the difference in that project.

Aaron Fuller
Principal Consultant | Superior Data Strategies, LLC